Locals Call It 'The Pool Of Death' or 'The Toilet Bowl': See Why (video)

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Image credit:  Youtube - see clip below

With the ebb and flow of the waves, rocky formations have created a place for water to flow, rise, and fall in an unfortunate rhythm of danger, and as locals call it, "The Pool of Death."  This footage is believed to have been taken in Hawaii, but we have yet to confirm the actual location.  It is reported that this spot has been attracting people and treacherously drowning them.

Here’s a video of three young men loving the thrill of swimming in the ‘Pool Of Death’ and the video gets so scary in parts that your heart might just stop beating for a moment. Could you make it alive out of this? Somebody please throw them a life vest! Watch this:

After watching a clip like this, one recognizes the power in simple motion that can be harnessed in simple movements of our planet.  We have seen that large installations such as dams have helped us to get where we are today, but we must now choose wise solutions that are more individual in nature.  Rather than spattering the countryside with power lines, our near futures will present us with solar, wind, geothermal, wood-gas, and bio-gas properties on a unit-by-unit, home by home basis, and have little need for the great machines of the present to generate electricity.  We will find better, more natural battery options for storage, and better energy capturing devices.  We will learn the secret of anti-gravity, so that we no longer need to cover our beautiful earth with pavement, but can rise above it with ease, and be less destructive to the land.  

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