Paraglider Ready for 1000 Km Powered by the Elements

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There hasn’t been a hike and fly project funded through Indiegogo until now. After Rhys’s training, he will attempt to complete an unassisted vol-biv expedition. Thermal Crossings will initially be the platform from which to share this story. The ultimate dream is to share the world of paragliding with the wider audience by showing what's possible on a paraglider.  

Thermal Crossings will appeal to three groups of people. Fans, the paragliding & hang gliding community and adventure enthusiasts. They will all benefit from the unrivalled access to the project’s inner workings. Both the website and email newsletter will be used as a knowledge-sharing and e-learning portal that will be the first of its kind. Not only will Rhys bring you closer to the action, but he will also allow you to accelerate and improve your own skills, whether you are an amateur or a professional.

“Rhys is using new technology and the world…of the Internet in a way that no other paragliding adventures are using” – Krischa Berlinger

There have been some battles to get to this point. Rhys had to spend the remaining of his savings to get back into the sport and train this past summer. Unfortunately, he also had the majority of his belongings stolen while he was away training.

“Family pictures, a 27-year-old bottle of Porto given to me by my dad at birth, most of my winter clothes and lots of sports equipment. They took it all..”  
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