Mountain Views Through The Window: A Perspective

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This is where I grew up, and these are the visions I remember... the San Bernardino Mountains Look like this in the winter....the towns of Crestline, VOE, Cedar Pines Park, Twin Peaks, Arrowbear, Valley of the Moon, Snow Valley, Blue Jay, or better Known:  Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear.  All of these were little mountaintop communities that shared weather, windy roads that went up and down and around the mountainous terrain.  But your perspective when you see these photos is up to your lifestyle.  As children, with enough snow, even chains on a bus wouldn't get it to your house, but the snow plows were quick, so it took a big pileup overnight to give you a day off school, and that meant the joy of staying home and sledding.... all day long!  

For the working family who commutes "down the hill" to San Bernardino or somewhere in the valley, a quick shovel out and roughing the snow can be a difficult task to do on a regular basis, but that is why mountain folk are Hearty people.  They do whatever it takes to get er done.  Most people have no comprehension how much drive a snow laden mountain person has.  I can remember when I first got my license at 16 years old, I slid down an icy road and spun backward into a snow berm.  We didn't have cell phones then, so calling for help meant finding a neighbor who was home, and borrowing a phone.  Rather than deal with the embarrassment, and without a shovel, I grabbed the best thing I had... an ice scraper.  For two or three hours, I dug my 1978 Subaru Brat out of the berm with that little ice scraper, and got it back on the way.  Nobody had to see me stuck there, and my ego remained intact.  The car looked okay... no dents... no harm no foul, right?  :)

For those who don't have to go anywhere... vacationers, retirees, or those with a day off... days like this are made in heaven, a dream, a relaxation, warm by the fire.  There is nothing so beautiful as the transformation of the landscape from green to white.... and with more snow even whiter.  

For those who run out of wood, that can be an un-joyous occasion.  We had gas heat, but many of the homes are built very beautifully and inefficient.  The cold goes right through, or it did when I was young.  That meant, 10 cords of wood for the wood stove, or you would run out and find yourself needing.  Mid winter, you either dig in the snow for undersnow wood, or you buy wood at the store... quite expensive.  The modernized homes with central heat provided heat, but ran endlessly with a massive gas bill due to the poor efficiency of the homes.  

Todays homes are built better than they were then.  I've been away for 25 years, so my memories are far in the past.  Nevertheless, all it takes is being a member of our local mountain facebook page, and the images people share to bring me back there in a second.  Thank you Donna Jackman for your fantastic photography shared to our mountain page today. 

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