How To Deactivate A Cat

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So we've all seen this before, but just to understand why it works....  this is the way Mama kitty carries her young.  The scruff is tough skin, so the sharp teeth will not harm the kitten.  

We've all picked up a cat by the scruff when it's into mischief, but I always presumed it was the picking up of the cat that rendered it motionless.  This owner and kitten demonstrate the feature without harm to the kitten:


Even as they age, the feature remains intact:

This is interesting that vets use this technique to keep the cat still rather than more harmful shots to put the animal to sleep.  They call it Clipnosis, the rendering of a cat to catatonic only for the moments that you have it clipped.  I have been told that this type of clip is too strong for the cat, so use something lighter like a clothes pin.  Make sure it doesn't have any barbs or sharp edges.  

Watch and see as first this veterinarian uses the trick to keep a cat still on the table:  

When you live off-grid, far from the vet, or away from it all, chances are you live where there are more than your fair share of wild roaming cats and dogs.  It helps to know some ninja tricks when it comes to transporting them into a cage to remove them from the premesis.  Remember to have your cat spayed or neutered!  :)

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