Following in the footsteps of the doomed Into The Wild adventurer: Photographer's stunning images of Alaska's Stampede Trail

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Photographer Dwayne Parton set off with his dog Bobby on his 31st birthday in search of the chance to live freely. He was inspired by Chris McCandless whose tragic journey was depicted in best-selling book and film Into the Wild. A keen hiker, Parton travelled the Appalachian Trail in 2014 and took an extended road trip at the start of 2015

Even the most experienced of travellers approach Alaska's dangerous beauty with caution. 

But a photographer has hiked Alaska's Stampede Trail in an attempt to fulfil his desire to live freely.

The trail was made famous by adventurer and dreamer Chris McCandless whose journey the best-selling book and movie, Into The Wild was based on. 

Setting forth: A road leading ino the dangerous wilderness of the Stampede Trail Hiking in Alaska

Photographer and adventurer, Dwayne Parton with his dog Bobby feeding another dog sat on a bench Hiking the stampede trail

Dwayne Parton with his dog Bobby in front of the 'Magic Bus' where the last photograph of the Chris McCandless was taken before his death

Dwayne Parton left to travel the Stampede Trail on July 13th, the day of his 31st birthday. 

Longing for adventure, Parton says that his journey was one of self-discovery. Moving into his truck Parton and his dog Bobby headed towards Prudehoe Bay in Alaska. As a web developer, he was able to fund his trip along the way.

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