Blood moon paints the sky red: Stargazers around the world look to the heavens to witness lunar spectacle for first time in 33 years (Part 2)

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ITALY: This bird seemed less than impressed by the spectacle, turning its back on the supermoon over St Peter's Basilica in Rome

GERMANY: A market fountain statue next to the Rolandhaus in Hildesheim faces the supermoon FRANCE: The moon shone a vibrant shade of red as it was seen over a statue on the Alexander III Bridge in Paris CANADA: A couple shared a quiet moment of reflection as they watched the moon over Vancouver, British Columbia

USA: Sightseers casting their eyes up to the top of the Empire State Building in New York City also got a view of the supermoon

POLAND: It was supermoon time in Warsaw as the lunar phenomenon was visible next to a clock on the Palace of Culture

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