Blood moon paints the sky red: Stargazers around the world look to the heavens to witness lunar spectacle for first time in 33 years (Part 1)

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  • During a lunar eclipse, the moon turns a deep rusty red, due to sunlight being scattered by the Earth's atmosphere
  • The rare celestial event coincided with the 'supermoon' being at its nearest point in its orbit around our planet
  • Some religious groups are convinced it is a sign that the End of Days is approaching 
  • Last time a lunar eclipse shared a stage with supermoon was 1982 - and the next will be in 2033
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The eerie light created from the lunar eclipse with the moon near to its closest point to the Earth delighted astronomers while filling others with dread.

Some religious groups and believers in astrology were convinced the spectacle is a sign that the End of Days was approaching. 

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UK: The supermoon illuminated the night as it rose into the sky over St Mary's Lighthouse in Whitley Bay, North Tyneside 

USA: Beach goers take photos of the supermoon from the water off Padre Island Balli park in Corpus Christi, Texas   UK: The supermoon rises behind Glastonbury Tor in Somerset, home to St Michael's Tower, where dozens of people gathered   UK: The vibrant supermoon rises above the Stuart mansion of Bolsover Castle near Chesterfield in Derbyshire last night  

From white to red: A combination of six pictures shows the rising supermoon in the sky in Frankfurt, Germany, early this morning   USA: The bright red supermoon rises over the Washington Monument late on Sunday night, to astronomers' delight     Eclipse: The moon gradually changed from a regular full moon to a blood moon over Bogota, Colombia  

  USA: A partially-eclipsed supermoon, the last of this year's supermoons, rises over Las Vegas, Nevada, on a hazy morning

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