Beautiful Nature: The Twin Falls In Låtefossen, Norway.

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One of the most visited nature attractions in Norway is Låtefossen near Odda. With an enormous noise the twin fall Låtefossen thunders down from the Lotevatnet on an altitude of 340 meters. Just before the old stone arched bridge, the two separate streams join each other and flows under the bridge into the river Grønsdalslona.

The Låtefossen is being fed by the river Austdølo and several lakes on the Hardangervidda. The Reinsnosvatnet on an altitude of 595 meters is one of the biggest lake that feeds the river Austdølo. Melting water thunders down with a great force over 165 meters in two separate streams. The power, the shape and the surrounding makes the Låtefossen my number 1 waterfall of Norway with a rating of five stars.

The Låtefossen is one of most popular waterfalls in Norway and easy to access: road 13 runs along the base of the waterfall. The Låtefossen is located two kilometers north of Skare when driving to Odda on road 13. The Låtefossen is part of the municipality of Odda in the region Hordaland.

It is one of my favorite waterfall and I have been there three times, every time enjoying them. A hundred meters from theLåtefossen, on the other side of the road, theEspelandsfossen thunders down, an undervalued waterfall.

Best  time to visit is in the early summer when it not so crowded with cars at the parking lot. For photographers: I liked the pictures at most later in the afternoon. In the morning the Låtefossen is still in the shadow but you will have a fantastic view on the Espelandsfossen on the opposite side.

There are several spots from where you can take photo’s: from the road side taking pictures towards east or from the remains of the old hotel photographing towards the northeast. Also walk to the river with the stone bridge in front, guarantee for a nice picture.

I was for the fourth time at the Låtefossen May 3th in 2015, but that was really to early in the season. Springtime was cold and snow was melting slowly. There was still a lot of snow in Norway and several roads were still closed. The last picture is the one in Mai, there you will see the difference with the other pictures taken in June and July.

Over a hundred years agoLåtefossen was a popular attraction for English andgerman tourists. There was no road and tourists were picked up down by the fjord and transported to the waterfall with horse carriages. There was also a small hotel besides the waterfall. Today you might follow the path leading to where the hotel was previously lying at the southern end of the waterfall. Nowadays only the ruins of the hotel can be visited. From here you will have a great view on the Låtefossen and theEspelandsfossen.

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