10-Man-Tree Is The Name We Gave This Giant Of The Forest

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Point Defiance Park is one of the most unlikely of places you'll find where it should be expected.  If you find you have landed in Sea-Tac airport for a trip to the nortwest, and you are staying with city dwellers as I like to call them, well there's a funny thing about city dwellers in the northwest.  You see, I remember the day we moved to Issaquah Washington back in 1991.  I was driving my Suzuki Samurai.  We arrived, and Dad had transferred with work.  I was only a year out of high school, and had some money saved up.  Until I ran out, we hit the road and visited many of the amazing places to see.  Then I would run into a local and ask if they had seen Snoqualmie Falls, or Tiger Mountain, or Mount Baker or Rainier, or if they had been to the hot springs in the Olympics.  I would ask if anyone knew what this island or that island was like.  Most who live there don't visit all of it's beauty.  It is the travelers, the newcomers, and those who are chasing wilderness who come to see the amazing things Washington has to offer. 

The city of Tacoma is situated as a port city south of Seattle on Puget Sound waterway, but interstate 5 pretty much by-passes the ocean, so if you're in town, you feel as if you're in a land-locked city unless you find your way to the coast.  

Beyond the traffic on the edge of town and on the edge of the water is a place yet untouched by logging companies and protected from encroachment where the locals know they can go and enjoy a park with their kids.  But it's much more than a park.  It is a place where the old wilderness touches modern humanity, and we can have but a moment of escape without traveling far.  There in the middle of this place, I share the tree we call:  10-man-tree.  

There is much more to know and to experience there, but I won't be a spoiler.  Call this a preview to get you dreaming.  

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