9 Traps For 9 Critters

Categories: Nature

This bunny trap is easy to make and you can do it for right around $10.00.

Recently my husband and I made a trip up north to visit his family, and while there my father-in law told us about these chipmunks that had burrowed holes in soffit and the foundation of their house.  When he first mentioned this kind of trap, my husband and I both thought there was no way it would actually would work...BUT, the next morning he goes to look in his buckets and he had caught 16 chipmunks and in total after a few days he had caught over 35. SO, although this seems like it wouldn't work, don't let the simplicity of this fool you!

This is a complete instructional video on how to build a fox trap... But please be careful when removing the fox!

Better yet, watch this for how to safely remove a fox from the trap.

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