1.2 Million Goldfish Released Into Lake To Combat Mosquito Problem

Categories: Nature

More than 1 million goldfish and minnows were added to Tempe Town Lake on Friday after being trucked in from Arkansas.

Catfish Express employees used a tube and plastic like sleeve to transfer the 1.2 million fish from the truck into the lake, a process that took about an hour to complete.

The small goldfish and minnows eat insects and help keep the mosquito population under control.

They joined the bass, catfish, carp and sunfish that inhabit Tempe Town Lake. The larger fish had been stored in a marina holding area while the lake was drained last month to complete construction on a hydraulically operated steel-gate dam that replaces an inflatable rubber system.

Water started pouring back into the lake on April 12 at the rate of a foot a day. The lake was restored to its 880-million gallon capacity as of Wednesday.

Tempe had set April 30 as the approximate date for reopening the lake after it closed to water activities Feb. 10, but it could take up to two more weeks while workers conduct tests of the new hydraulic dam.

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