Would You Ride Your Bike to Work If Your Boss Paid You To?

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More and more people are leaving their vehicles at home, and choosing to ride their bikes instead. They save gas, don't worry about traffic, help the environment and stay in shape. Do you need anything more? Ah yes! For cyclists in France there is an extra perk, they make some extra cash.

The ministry of transportation announced that corporations will give an incentive to their employees if they ride their bikes to work. The offer goes for 21 Euro cents per half a mile.

Cyclists are loving the new measure because more people riding bikes means better roads and more involvement on the city governments to provide bike friendly areas.

Thierry Mariany, Ministry of transportation in France, said that the employers will be providing the incentive, receiving in exchange a tax brake.

The French government is planning on spending 20 million Euros, but the improvement in peoples health and the environment will noticeably show change. Quality of air and life will increase, which in turn will save the city around 5.6 billion Euros in health issues.

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