Is This The Future Of Plane Travel?

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Take a first look at the AWWA-QG Progress Eagle, a concept aircraft that would generate its own electricity and be 75% quieter than current airliners.

Aircraft in the future could feature three decks, generate their own power.

The Progress Eagle would have capacity for around 800 passengers and would run on hydrogen fuel rather than the high-grade aircraft fossil fuels used today.

The AWWA·QG "Progress Eagle" concept by Barcelona-based designer Oscar Viñals has imagined how we will be flying by the year 2030.

It would feature zero contaminant emissions, self-sufficiency in energy and produce 75% less noise than current planes.

When the Progress Eagle takes off, six hydrogen fuel energy engines obtain a powerful thrust. When the airplane reaches a good altitude and speed, the rear central screw engines are automatically stopped, and the air intake diffuser controls the air flow to keep safe the aerodynamics and reduce the drag.

via CNN

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