Who Want's A Tiny House? This One's On The Market!

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We didn't take photos right away but, we left it 2 years ago part way through. That was when I left to take a job in another city. Every year I've taken my vacation and gone back to my parents house to work on it. The first year we finished the sheathing and then decided to add the dormer.





The second year we finished the roof. Unfortunately when I go back home my parents also want me to help out and I'm glad to so I end up tilling and planting my mom's garden, as well as various other tasks on the farm. So it's not spent entirely on the house. My wife and I didn't really have anything but we decided we'd build a tiny house because we could go anywhere with it once it was built.


Back near her parents near Edmonton, AB, North Dakota near my parents or somewhere else entirely. We didn't have a plan and this fit that. We've since decided with my current job that we should stay where we are and put down roots so to speak. We've recently purchased a house and are waiting to close on it.



And with that purchase we decided to let our dream of the tiny house die in order that a new dream be born. We are hoping that this tiny house might become someone else's dream as it was ours. And we'd certainly be willing to help with advice and thoughts on ways to do things. If they are interested in siding it where it is, I will have to be there as it is in my dad's shop.


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