Can you tell what kind of trailer this is just by the interior?

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Boles Aero trailers are overlooked by some of today's collectors as their popularity with the general public never reached the level of Airstream or other highly promoted makes. Boles trailers, however, are amongst the best built and most beautifully finished trailers ever produced…due mainly to the continuity in the companies' ownership and the unwavering commitment to quality.

Mr. and Mrs. Boles began building their high quality aluminum trailers in their Burbank, California “facility” in 1946 and continued for over 35 years under the same ownership. A feat unmatched in the industry.

Mr. and Mrs. Don Boles began producing trailers in 1946 inside their garage in Burbank, CA. From the beginning they were dedicated to producing a high quality aluminum bodied trailer using the best materials and outstanding craftsmanship.

Don learned his aluminum fabrication skills as an apprentice in the tool and die trade and later utilized those skills working for the Lockheed Aircraft Company on all aspects of aircraft manufacturing.

The Boles Manufacturing Company was in business building trailers up until 1980. Over the course of the companies' 34 year history it manufactured over 18,000 trailers of various types and configurations. While we are most familiar with the trailers built for the civilian market, many Boles trailers were custom built for the military to haul materials and special equipment. Not surprising given Don's affiliation with the military establishment through his duty in the US Navy duringWWII.

Boles trailers have always been highly regarded for their rugged aircraft style riveted construction and utilitarian beauty.

Many believe the “Canned Ham” era (1946 to 1959) Boles Trailers are the most beautiful with the gleaming aluminum exterior and finely crafted birch wood interiors. The trailer pictured here is from a 1952 factory photo. Later trailers however, have their own unique beauty with gold anodized panels and chrome accessories.

Don and Jeanette Boles ared retired now and still live in Burbank, California. They are active with the members of the Boles Aero Trailer Club and consistently participate in the annual events. At over 80 years of age they are both still going strong!…..just like many of their beautiful trailers.

Like the Iconic Airstream they are all Aluminum with Aluminum frames and all riveted construction.

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