VW Taunts Us With The Future - Electric And Self Driving (video)

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Future tech is only as good as it's energy source and filling stations.  As solar energy increases in capacity and comes down in price, as flexible panels make integration with automobiles more feasible... as wind generators use frictionless floating bearings, and lithium batteries have paved the way to lightweight on-board power supply, the ultimate self-charging vehicle designs will be soon at hand.  Until then, the idea of long-range, fast charging electric cars that will allow us to fill up at home and bypass transportation taxes, fuel taxes and surcharges, as well as profits at the pump and snack-stop urges are soon to become a reality.

We’re just a few weeks away from the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, where VW will reveal a new electric I.D. concept vehicle. Just a few months ago, VW previewed its new electric car with the I.D. hatchback debut in Paris, and now the automaker is set to reveal a new model from the same family. 

Right now we only have a few teasers photos, but the newest I.D. concept appears to be an electric van. VW says the concept “forges links between the legendary origins of the Volkswagen brand and its electrifying future,” which is a strong hint that it will be inspired by the original Microbus. Under the skin, the new I.D. concept will be based on the same Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB) platform as the hatchback, but two electric motors will give it all-wheel drive. It will also have a long driving range, which shouldn’t be too far off from the hatchback with its 373 mile driving range.

The newest I.D. concept will preview VW’s take an autonomous future. The driver simply has to press

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