Three Cyclists Attempt To Cross Through Off-Grid Territory In The Panamanian Jungle

Categories: Mobility

Lucas Brunelle and Chas Christiansen take GEO, an ultimate adventure-bike with the adventure in mind to cross the incredible Darien Gap, the most secluded jungle on the earth, between Colombia and Panama, where the Pan-American road stops.  

Crossing through border patrol and jungles where the cartel runs, they share their experience through off grid territory, and the difficulties of crossing the jungle.  

There were harrowing times trying to go where the map lead them

"They told us:  "You can't ride your bikes through this part of the jungle.""

"We're used to them telling us that at home.  So we're like...yeah, whatever, we'll ride it, we'll do it, who cares"   ..... Big Mistake!


They met the Panamanian Patrol

And embarked upon a jungle adventure, where, at times, they were not able to ride...

Was this river the end of the road?  ... turn the page....

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