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I remember a road trip around the western U.S. and Canada with our VW bus.  Dad saved up all his vacation time, and we had 3 weeks to roll.  We pulled a tent trailer behind.  I remember Canada, and the big fort, the lake we swam in.  


I remember hiking in the woods to waterfalls, Yellowstone and the mother Elk that chased me when I got too close to her fawn and the buffalo who chased a man round and round his car. 

 I remember pulling into camp at midnight, and taking half an hour to set up the tent trailer to go to bed, then waking up to ferns taller than me excited for the beauty we couldn't see the night before. 

 I think Dad changed the points twice on the vw as we spent time roadside for repairs.  But he was good with cars, and it was never a very big deal.  

What do these pictures do for you?  And How do you remember "road trips?"


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