Toddler Found Driving Power Wheels on Highway (Video)

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Motorists on a Florida freeway witnessed a pretty terrifying sight this past Wednesday when a diaper-clad toddler commandeered his Power Wheels motorized vehicle out onto the median. It wasn’t just any road — it was US 19, a notoriously busy highway where this story could’ve taken a very tragic turn if not for a few good Samaritans.

Talk about a wild ride.  A 3-year-old in his diaper took off on his Power Wheels and ended up in the median of busy US 19 in Crystal River on Wednesday.

The Florida Department of Children and Families is investigating a scary situation involving a child and a busy Bay area road. Shocked drivers spotted a 3-year-old boy in his Power Wheels in the median of busy US 19 in Crystal River Wednesday. Witnesses stopped to help the toddler in the area of 1180 North Suncoast Blvd. One of those people, Danny Collins, snapped pictures.

“I was shocked,” Collins said. “That’s why I took the pictures. I was like nobody’s going to believe. Could have ended a lot differently if not for the people who stopped.”

According to Collins, the little one’s father showed up about 10 minutes later telling deputies that his son slipped out of the house while he was in the bathroom. Collins tells News Channel 8, the father said his son was alone in the living room and used his little chair to reach the front door’s lock.

News Channel 8 Reporter, Paul Mueller tracked down the dad. When he asked from behind a closed door how the child was doing, the dad responded, “Now’s not a good time, man.”

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