Timberleaf Camping Trailer - Light Enough That A Volkswagen Could Pull It!

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When we made the move to Florida, one of the big draws was to get annual passes at Disney World. Florida resident pricing is motivation enough to move, right?  I mean, who wouldn't want to spend every day there?  Especially when you have kids!  After a few Summer visits there over the years, I thought Fort Wilderness was a fakey wilderness set up just for Disney.  It took moving here and spending some time in the area to realize that it's the other way around.  Florida is wilderness, and Fort Wilderness is the real mccoy.  It's the city that has grown up around Orlando that is out of place in swampyland.  We made our trips in a motorhome, and have had the opportunity to visit with many travelers from all over the Americas. 

Recently in fireside chats, there is a legend going around about a trailer that even a Volkswagen could pull behind it.  Most just laugh and chalk it off as folklore from the land of where transmissions go to die..... but there is truth to this tale, and we have the story right here for you to read....

Kevin Molick had a dream in mind of a trailer that was super light so that any car could pull it, super insulated and cozy, and and functional to meet his needs.  He had seen a lot of designs before, but his background in the construction business assured him that he could build something a whole lot better than what he could find on the market.  

After the first trailer was built, a photo-set escaped to the internet, and the rest is history it seems.... "Everybody want's one!"  Kevin quickly transformed his full scale construction business into a trailer company, and this All American Success story began with one trailer, then millions and millions of page views.  Now the orders are pouring in, and a star is born in the world of camping! 

Kevin wants people to enjoy their alfresco destinations via a camper that features comfort, impeccable aesthetics, and convenience in each corner.  With years of experience in woodworking and design, he has handcrafted the classic teardrop trailer with modern amenities like a tinted polycarbonate skylight, USB power outlets, and two hydraulic gas props to keep the lid up and the rain out of the kitchen.

Kevin's eye for aesthetics is apparent in the trailer’s contemporary color palette and the clean grain of the birch in the exposed surfaces. Comfort is also a focal point: It is outfitted with a custom foam 57-inch “Colorado Queen” mattress to fit the trailer. The skylight provides clear views to the starry night or bluebird skies.
“I wanted to build something that would keep the camping experience simple so that nothing is complicated, setup is within 10 minutes, and it’s made with good, clean aesthetics and design,” says Kevin.

With a nod to the original teardrop trailer from the 1930s, the Timberleaf weighs in at less than 1,250 pounds dry and has a 120-pound tongue weight with optional accessories. The rear hatch opens up to reveal a compartmentalized kitchen including a sink with cold-water dispenser, hidden cabinets, a 12-gallon storage tank, cooktop shelf, two hydraulic gas props, and power outlets. The base model is fantastic, but some of the upgrades and accessories seem worth the extra funds include a 45-liter custom wood cooler with a countertop lid, plug-and-play remote solar panels, custom roof-rack crossbars, and different grades of mattresses.

From the paper sketches to the polyurethane finish, Kevin has the first and last touches on the Timberleaf Trailer. Every part of this camper is made locally in the Denver area and finished in Molick’s workshop.  Timberleaf has taken on the challenge in this uber-lightweight trailer that offers comfortable sleeping space with an outdoor-style kitchen.  It definitely summarizes the epitome of

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