The Transformation That Turned This Truck Into The Most Amazing Little Home I've Ever Seen

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Most ideas begin on paper.  This was no exception.  But this couple did a fabulous job of giving wheels to their idea...

If you saw this truck driving down the road, you might not think twice about it. But once it pulls off the road, something magical happens: it transforms into a lovely, totally habitable castle! Every space has been utilized efficiently to allow several luxuries in an extremely small space. Once the "castle" is unfolded, it houses a bathroom, shower, full kitchen, rooftop bath, and more.  


Be sure not to miss the great video:

Here it is in the unfolding process

And what it looks like inside - wide open space once it's opened up

The "castle" is the latest in the small house trend that's taking the world by storm. A group of people have discovered that by scaling back your lifestyle and living small, you can save a ton of money and lower your impact on the Earth's resources. Even though the houses are small, they're undeniably comfy.    How do you feel about the tiny house movement? Do you think you'd ever move into a tiny house? I was unsure at first, but after seeing this transforming truck, I think my mind might be changed! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

Source:  The San Francisco Globe


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