The Sway Bike: Coming Summer 2016

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Sway is a comfortable fit and easy ride for anyone, woman or man, who can ride a standard-sized motor scooter. An early prototype was tested in a parking lot by founder Joe Wilcox’s mother--who is 5’2” and was 60 at the time!

On a Sway, riders have direct control of vehicle tilt with their legs, through the patented linkage design. This makes riding a Sway a completely different experience from riding a motorcycle or, say, a Piaggio MP3. Sway can turn more tightly, and riders don't have to balance the vehicle or put their feet down at a stop.

All this along with Sway’s slightly wider footprint means that Sway is also more stable in low-traction conditions such as snow, mud or ice.

Sway is fully street-legal in the U.S. It has front and rear turn indicators and brake lights. License requirements will vary by municipality. We recommend checking your state laws regarding three-wheeled electric motorcycles before reserving your Sway. Sway can also be registered as a motorcycle. In California you do not need a motorcycle license to ride Sway, just a driver’s license.

Sway is electric!  The power of electric is measured in watts (W).  Sway Lithium as a 5 kilowatt (KW) motor, and Sway Lithium Plus has an 8KW motor.  In terms of torque, the equation for horsepower on an electric motor is roughly .75kw = 1HP, so a 5KW motor can produce around 6.5HP.  Typically a vehicle like Sway is over 1000W or 2000W, it is legally classified as a motorcycle, but again, these standards vary by municipality.

The Sway charger works with both 110v and 240v. Sway will come standard with a 110v wall outlet plug, and there will be an upgrade option for the J1772 car charger plug that will work at standard EV charging stations. A home charging unit for charging the J1772 is available, and requires 240v current.

Much like a gas engine, the charge on the Sway will depend on how you drive. If you are accelerating hard the whole time or going up steep hills, you will get fewer miles per charge. At 30 mph, the average charge lasts for 40 miles for Sway Lithium, and 60 miles for Sway Lithium Plus.

The Sway starts shipping this summer, and we hope to be test riding regularly a few months before that.

Sway: A Revolution in Transportation from Sway Motorsports on Vimeo.

Via: Sway Motorsports

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