The Fuel Station of the Future will wirelessly charge your self-driving car with solar energy

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Self-driving cars are on the rise, and half of all vehicles in the US will be electrified by the year 2050. To accommodate these new technologies Nissan and Foster + Partners just unveiled the Fuel Station of the Future – complete with solar panels, wireless EV chargers, and self-parking technology.

Nissan and Foster + Partners partnered for the last 12 months to envision a world in which populations adopt zero emission, piloted drive technologies. The result is their Future of Mobility plan, which is illustrated in a two minute video featuring the Nissan Leaf and IDS concept. The concept looks at how vehicle-to-grid, battery storage, wireless charging, autonomous drive technology and over-the-air connectivity could revolutionize how energy is used and distributed across Europe’s major cities.

“Integrating zero emission technologies into the built environment is vital in creating smarter, more sustainable cities,” stated David Nelson, Co-Head of Design, Foster + Partners. “That commitment must extend far beyond the car – it must sit at the heart of everything we do.

According to Nissan and Foster + Partners, the need for a sustainable and innovative refueling network is becoming more important as the market continues to shift toward alternative energy sources.

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