Tesla Unveils New Car for the Masses!

Categories: Mobility

It's finally here! Tesla just unveiled the Model 3 electric sedan, the first affordable electric car for the masses. With a price tag starting at $35,000 (before tax incentives) and a driving range of 215 miles, the Model 3 solves many of the issues that have prevented car buyers from switching to an electric vehicle - and thousands of people have already placed their orders.

Over the past two weeks, the news about Tesla has been all about the upcoming Model 3, which was finally unveiled at the end of March. While it will likely be at least two years until most buyers will start getting their hands on a Model 3, Tesla doesn’t want you to forget about the model that started it all. Four years after the first Model S hit the road, Tesla is giving its popular electric sedan a refresh with some new features thrown in.

Inside the Model S now features a Medical grade HEPA air filtration system that prevents particulate exhaust pollution, allergens and bacteria from entering the cabin. The Model S has been criticized for not having as luxurious of an interior as some of its gas-powered rivals, so Tesla is also adding upgraded materials and ambient lighting to the interior.

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