Tesla is voluntarily recalling every Model S on the road

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Tesla Motors announced it is issuing a voluntary recall for every Model S ever made to inspect the front seat belts after a customer’s seat belt came apart. No one was hurt or injured, but the automaker is still asking customers to bring their cars in to check out a bolt in the seat belt assembly.

The issue was discovered earlier this month after a customer in Europe sitting in the front passenger seat of her Model S turned to talk to people in the back seat, and the seatbelt became disconnected, according to a Tesla spokesperson on a call announcing the recall this morning to reporters. A bolt that connects the outboard lap pretensioner, which pulls the seatbelt tight in the event of an accident, wasn’t assembled properly, the spokesperson said.

Tesla is voluntarily recalling every single Model S on the road after one seat belt came apart. No one was hurt in the original incident and Tesla hasn’t been able to replicate the problem in any of the 3,000 cars in their possession that haven’t yet hit the road. According to the company, the cost of the move isn’t important, just the safety of their customers.

Unlike some companies we won’t mention, who wait until a problem becomes massive, or they are forced to issue a recall, Tesla made the decision to check every single front seat belt on 90,000 vehicles out of “an abundance of caution.” A customer in Europe was sitting in the front seat of a Model S and they turned around to talk to people in the back, when the seat belt disconnected. It appears that a bolt holding the whole thing together wasn’t assembled properly.

Model S owners can bring their cars into a service center to have them checked out, and Tesla has informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (and their international counterparts).

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