An Adventurous Couple A VW Bus And Solar Power

Categories: Mobility

The couple officially hit the road in July 2012, but they journey began long before that. In order to live (somewhat) comfortably on the road, the camper, dubbed 'E', had to be completely refurbished. 


The Dangerz started by pulling out the wet, rotten and moldy foam and shag that was on every inch of the bus. This huge task merely revealed a sticky yellow glue residue that had to be removed as well (and proved even nastier). Having all of that ick out of the bus was much better for breathing, but hard on the ears. The empty van was basically a tin can on wheels. They installed a layer of foil-backed butyl (RAAM’s BXTII) on almost every surface to reduce vibration and provide the perfect thump testing grounds, and then covered that with closed cell foam (ensolite) to stop ambient noise bouncing around inside the bus. 


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