Who Said A Charter Bus Had to Be Uncomfortable! This 'Sleep Bus' Transports You In Style

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A new type of bus service is starting up to offer travelers a new way to get between two of California's largest cities. It's called the SleepBus, but the company doesn't actually use a bus; it's a Volvo truck with individual sleep pods on board.

Each pod has an electric socket (so you can power and charge your devices while under way) and there's on-board wifi, desks should you prefer to sit up and work, coffee and tea, and room for three bags and even a bicycle in the luggage compartment. The whole trim takes about seven hours, which is a bit longer than the typical hour-and-twenty-minute flight between LAX and SFO, even once you take into account extra time for check-in, clearing security, and transit. But the SleepBus travels overnight, so you leave one city at 11 pm and arrive at the other end by 6 am – plus they'll even let you stay on board until 7:30 if you want to sleep in a little.

To get the word out, the company is offering one-way trips for $48. That's expected to go up to $65 once things are fully up and running, but that's still cheaper than the cheapest nonpromotional airfare you're going to find, even on a budget carrier like Southwest. Add in the convenience of its pickup and drop-off locations at the Caltrain station in San Francisco and the Santa Monica Pier in LA and the SleepBus strikes us as a viable alternative to air travel, and a far better option than the Greyhound – at least until the high-speed train is complete.

What are the amenities on the SleepBus?

A privacy screen for each bed, personal power outlets, reading light, WiFi, fresh luxury sheets, coffee, tea, seating areas, and a restroom. There is also a SleepBus attendant on each trip to answer any of your questions and to take care of you during the ride. 

How early should I arrive for check in?

You should aim to arrive at the pick up location 10-20 minutes before departure. Departure time is 11pm sharp in both San Francisco and Los Angeles. After we get to LA/SF in the morning, you'll be able to keep sleeping until 9:00am. 

How long is the bus ride?

Given normal traffic and weather conditions, the average bus ride lasts 6-6.5 hours. 

What are the departure and arrival times in SF and LA?

Departure time will always be 11pm sharp. Arrival times will vary, though we expect to arrive in either city by 5am or 6am. 

How much luggage can I bring?

You can bring up to 3 full size bags for free. You can also bring your bike or other equipment (we have lots of space!) 

Can I bring my children?

Children under 10 can share a bunk free with their parents, or can buy a separate bunk.  

Can I bring my pet?

You will be able to bring your animals, we are working out the details and will be posting on our website soon!

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