Flying Car - Okay Now, It's 2014 Already, Let's Get It Up There

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sky carOkay, so ever since take-off when man went to the moon, we all expected to be flying cars by now.  The down side to Aircraft has always been the fact that they must go fast and have a lot of room to take off and land.  Helicopters never went mainstream like cars did.  They are difficult to fly and expensive, so putting one in the hands of a 16 year old for $10,000 just has never happened.  But ever since I was a kid getting Four Wheeling magazines, I have seen Moller International paving the way to the flying car.   They were to offer vertical takeoff and landing, and travel at over 400 miles per hour.  Their dream, and mine is one step closer.  

But because I have spent so much time dreaming about this concept, I see the future as a world where we won't need roads any more.  We haven't figured out antigravity yet, so we're stuck with forms of jet / fan propulsion or wings for lift.  Imagine the day, though when every municipality can forego the road construction and maintenance bill, and simply lower taxes, since that is exactly what we would demand of them to do with those funds.  I suppose at first we would have to be sure they cleaned up all the old asphalt and planted grassways across the middle of the country for UPS and Fed Ex Hover Craft to handle our shipping needs.  We'll probably go back to a healthy reliance on rail systems instead of trucking.  But if we find it possible not to need a smooth surface on the ground, its bye bye blacktops!  I mean, as long as we get hover bikes that is.  Cyclists may not be too happy without pavement to pedal on.  But we can keep a few bike paths just for some good old fashioned exercise.  

So I know from reading through the years that the plan is that this machine be fully gps automated.  You put in your destination, and it will get you there.... okay okay... on to the video:

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