Riversimple launches a 250 mpg hydrogen-powered car

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After the full design is divulged, 20 cars will be delivered to selected beta testers, and Riversimpleaims to bring the car to the wider market in 2018. The vehicle’s special monthly payment plan includes maintenance, insurance, and hydrogen as well as use of the car. Their goal is for the plan to be as affordable as the current costs of a gas-burning car. They believe that this model will encourage them and other car companies to pursue sustainable, smart business policies that place more of an emphasis on the environment. They also aim to be upfront about their business policies, promising that they won’t hide clauses in small print on their contracts that work against users, and have been open about their technology as well.

Riversimple’s goal is “to pursue…the elimination of the environmental impact of personal transport.” Those interested are encouraged to sign up for updates and provide their zip code so the company can gage interest to help drive the locations for their hydrogen stations.

Images via Riversimple / + Riversimple / via Inhabitat

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