Quinny Longboard Stroller Is Making Waves!

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Skate-savvy moms and dads don’t have to abandon their love of skating because junior is with them. The LongboardStroller has a child seat affixed to the front of the long board, with a handle for parents to steer. The kiddie in question, wearing a helmet of course, gets a firsthand view of the excitement of skating, without the danger of being on a board himself. The LongboardStroller looks like a zipper scooter, but as a long board, it has more flexibility and mobility, boasting the ability to make more comfortable turns and maneuver around obstacles.

Even though regular long boards don’t have handles (or kids hanging out on the front of them) the rider experience is much more fun than pushing around a regular stroller. Each board on the Quinny Jett LongboardStroller is handmade by a professional long board craftsman, making it authentic and street quality. This stroller proves that you don’t have to leave the city when you become a parent — instead you can navigate a metropolis in style with this really fun stroller for parents and kids.

But it's too bad it's only available in Europe for now!  I can imagine getting this through U.S. safety standards could be difficult with a child rider on board.  

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