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For decades, private aviation was expensive, hard to use and high maintenance. Founded in2014, Airvinci is an aviation company aiming to change the future of personalflight. As a perfect combination of personal helicopter and drone, Airvinci Backpack Helicopter is easy to control, mechanically simple, needs no runway and will have the capacity to lift260lbs up to 12,000 ft high!
Airvinci’s pioneer users will be enthusiastic pilots, avid skydivers, forward looking shippers, courageous people involved into search and rescue or simply individuals who shares the same value like us to create a smart and sophisticated product to make flight easy, safe and cost-effective. Airvinci is currently in the process of developing the prototype, the live stream of the first flight will take place in mid 2016. And the drone will be ready to the market in 2017. With Airvinci, the very personal exploration of the sky will be easier than ever for you.

If you have ever lived in London like I have you will know that congestion and traffic are just the worst thing ever! It is virtually pointless to own a car if you live in the capital and I am sure it is like that elsewhere in other major cities around the globe. One alternative is to take the tube, a serious amount of people choose this alternative meaning that you get an incredibly unpleasant commute every morning. Personally I chose option three: a motorbike. You don’t have to pay the six pounds a day congestion charge, you can filter through traffic and in certain areas if you are lucky you can just about find free parking. Not so much fun in winter though. 

And this issue occurs all around the world if you need to commute into a metropolitan area. In China they have designed and built a bus that will carry cars and flow over up to three lanes of traffic as a potential solution to the congestion issue. Soon however there will be a fourth option when tackling a busy city and we were lucky enough to ask the man behind the idea a few questions. Tarik Ibrahimwho has an education in architecture from the University of Houston and a firm understanding of business thanks to his role as a VP of sales is now taking on the engineering world as he and his team strive to develop the best personal helicopters and drones on the market. His company called Airvinciwas founded in 2014 in Toronto Canada.

Although they have yet to conduct a successful test flight they plan to live stream their first one later this year (hopefully October). The vision for the company came out of the desire to fix the problem of being stuck in gridlock traffic. Everything they require to build the small copters is made by themselves in their workshop where they have all the tools they need including a CNC machine (Computer Numerical Control).

The proposed machine can fly vertically almost 4 Km with a payload of 120Kg, meaning it’s super awesome if you are a sky diver. Safety has also been taken into consideration, as you can see from the images there are no exposed propeller blades and ducted fans are used instead, the pilot is totally cocooned in the enclosure, just like in a car, so they will not be exposed to the elements whilst travelling. Like with other helicopters you will not need a run way and you can take off and land vertically, but you will require a considerably smaller landing area than a conventional helicopter making it more adapt for city flying.

Like with any new product coming to market we can expect the first few models to be relatively expensive, but further down the line the company plans to make these ingenious devices as affordable as a modern saloon. The best thing is that these devices can be piloted remotely as drones too, this means that if for example you were to sky dive out of one, theAirvinci helicopter would simply hover until you piloted it back to earth remotely (once you had landed yourself). 

There are plenty of applications for this new vehicle, the obvious ones such as commuting or sky diving I have covered, but they could also be used for deliveries or as taxis, or even for more complicated search and rescue or scouting missions. Imagine if the crew of an Icebreaker ship wanted to check the ice ahead, this would be the perfect solution.

Airvinci is a proud member of the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) and recently in August of this year they showcased their prototype at UPAC (Ultralight Pilot’s Association of Canada) where they showed off their invention to other drone and light aircraft manufacturers.

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