Paul Elkins, Pacific Northwest polymath: A passion for invention.

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In his own words: "Ever since I was a youngster you would find me doodling some silly cartoon, but my cartoons turned to ideas after my father took me to a car show. That’s where I saw the most amazing custom ‘Remcumbent’ bike. Many silly recumbent bike ideas were drawn. Then I wanted to build a soap box derby. Many silly soap box derby ideas were drawn. Later, my father took me to visit my uncle Bruce. He made his own saw mill and miscellaneous farm machinery with recycled metal, an arc welder and creative pioneer wit. After that I was drawing anything that popped into my head.  After many years had passed and the sketch books started piling up, I finally made something! My first recumbent bicycle. I was 16. Then at 22 I made another recumbent. Several years later yet another. Other small wood projects were made in between but It wasn’t until I was 38 and goingthru my second divorce that I slowly started to create more of my ideas. Wood boats mostly, then I built a bigtrike. When I was 40 I went to theBurningman art festival. Lots of transportation and shelter ideas were hatched because ofBurningman. I’ve been 8 times now, but lately I’m burned out on going."


"Because I’m not an engineer I keep my ideas simple. You may notice too that I have a fascination with minimalism, sometimes to the extreme. What can I say. It’s my thing! After a while it was suggested that I should share what I’ve made, so I started the blog High Mileage Trikes.  After several years and many many entries the blog wasn’t able to accommodate all my madness, so I decided to upgrade to this website."


"I really liked drama in Junior high and high school, but because I was a bit shy I was always cast as ‘the guy in the background’. So when I got my first ‘Mac’ I discovered I-movies.  After figuring out the video making program I decided to make Videos  of some of my projects.  Anyone can pick up a camera, shoot something and post it onYouTube, and unfortunately many people do. I try to set the bar high and make something that people will (hopefully) enjoy, walk away with a smile and a new idea in their head."


"After a while I started offering Plans of my more popular ideas.  Truthfully, making plans is a bitch, but when I get enough hounding requests I make one up. If you do buy plans please remember that everything I make is just a prototype of an idea. Most of my boats have been used quite a bit, but the shelter ideas are used little, if at all.  So please keep that in mind when purchasing a plan."


"Anyhow, that’s me and what I do in a nutshell…" he ends.

All the inventions shown in this film can be seen more in depth on Paul's blog ElkinsDIY.

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