This Car's A Response To Overcrowding And Car Pollution in Major Cities

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“As large cities continue to grow into megacities globally, we need to better understand how transportation is changing and anticipate what transportation needs will look like in the future,” said Rachel Nguyen, director, Nissan Future Lab. “With the fast-paced growth of smart technologies and the emergence of the sharing economy, we are studying how this size and package of electric vehicle fits in real life customer situations.”

Based on the west coast, Nissan Future Lab was established in 2014 as an extension of Nissan’s global advanced planning group and looks decades ahead to identify potential issues and opportunities for the business today and into the future. Nissan Future Lab looks beyond products and examines the future of mobility in a wider sense. The group is inspired by rapid developments in automotive technology such as electric, autonomous and connected vehicles and trends like ride sharing. 

“Urbanization and the growth of megacities – particularly in developing countries – is the biggest challenge facing the automotive industry,” added Nguyen. “It’s mind boggling to think there’s only about 10 megacities now and in 20 years there will be 30. Mobility is a major driving force central to how these megacities will develop.”

In October, Nissan Future Lab partnered with Scoot Networks, adding  10 NNMC’s to Scoot’s fleet in San Francisco, a city that has many of the same traffic and parking challenges as New York City. These test Nissan New Mobility Concept vehicles (known there as Scoot Quads) rent for $6 for a half hour use or $80 for a full day.

With their 7.6-foot length, the Nissan New Mobility Concept vehicles have the potential to help reduce pollution and traffic congestion in the city. Parking is also a major benefit, with three NNMCs able to fit head-in into one parking space (where permitted). For demonstration purposes in New York City, the four vehicles are wrapped in different primary colors with the hashtag #NissanFutureLab down the sides.

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