Man Builds His Own Adventure Truck

Categories: Mobility
For Tyler, an inexperienced builder but always a tinkerer with a knack for design and invention, decided to build his own Adventure truck.
This is how he put it: "My background in building is relatively limited. I took one quarter of wood shop and a few quarters of welding in high school, but other than that I have just been tinkering and building things all my life. I am going to school for industrial design, and have always had a knack for designing and inventing."
Keep reading to see how he did this.
Tyler first began by setting up the base frame for the bed and storage system.
Ball bearings were installed on the sides for the drawer system while an angle iron was used to secure the frame together.
Tyler chose to use old skateboard bearings. They were not only cheap, but also could support a lot of weight.
1x1 square tubing was used for the drawers to slide back and forth.