Kim Bought A Uhaul, And Turned It Into Her Own Little Taj MaSmall!

Categories: Mobility

"After a year or more of researching vans, shuttle buses, short buses, school buses, box trucks, sprinters- and investigating all the details like diesel vs. gas, dually vs. single, etc- and combing the local ads, craigslist, and endless phone calls and test drives- I finally made my decision!!   (Or rather, I realized if I didn’t just make a decision soon, I was going to have to walk away from this crazy idea because my indecisiveness was driving me nuts. I could only gather facts and stats for so long…)

"I decided to go with the original idea, and buy a UHaul."

Kim found the one, and dreamed a dream.  She drew out just what her dream would be, and that was the vision that put the project into action.

"So one day in the spring, I loaded up the essentials, got on my bike and stopped for some fortification at my favorite diner. I was going on a UHaul test driving adventure, and I planned to buy one before sundown."

OH No!  "My Taj Ma Small Camper has been sold!!"   On to the next project- Kim’s Taj Ma Small, version 2.0! And Here is the truck she ended up with:


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