Innovation With Light Will Save Lives On The Road - by Darkside Scientific

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When Andy Zsinko’s buddy asked him to paint his motorcycle, he decided to do something different—make it glow. After some experimentation with photo luminescent paint, he decided simply glowing wasn’t enough. Instead, he invented the world’s first electroluminescent paint that can be applied to any curved surface. Darkside Scientific didn’t just create a new way to add flair to motorcycle paint jobs, they also made it possible to make almost anything imaginable light up.

Too often, motorcycles go unnoticed by other vehicles, especially at night. Fortunately, a company called Darkside Scientific is working to change that, with its LumiLor paint product. Getting noticed is what LumiLor is all about.

“A well-illuminated bike is going to bring attention to a motorist that is within striking zone,” notes “Being seen and driving defensively are probably two areas that can greatly reduce your chance of being hit.”

For more information about LumiLor, contact:
Scott Smith
(330) 990-5731
Darkside Scientific

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