In Search Of The Ultimate Hot Spring

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I had the best time of my life living in a '67' Volkswagen Dormobile in search of the ultimate hot-spring... In a period of fourteen months I only sat in 163 hot-springs ( Started in Seattle Washington and only made it as far as New Mexico on this trip) and we never went on a major interstate [ as planned ] but traipsed on 'blue hi-ways'. Being fully self contained, the only monies spent were on gas...  Omega Angell

What is it that drives us?  That Inspires us?  That motivates us?  When we were 16, we got in the car and drove as far as we dared!  When we knew of a place we hadn't been, we had to go see what was over the next hill... just to see!  Our horizons expanded through exploration.  Now much of the exploring is done online.  We look at everything here ... on this screen.  And the yearning grows like never before - not only to see... but to experience.  In the northern hemisphere, Spring is coming!  When the sun comes out, let's get outside and do something amazing!


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