Google Puts Doodles On Its Self-Driving Cars

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Wildlife Habitats by Elise Politzer

“I grew up and live in the Bay Area. I created this image with the wildlife preserves surrounding the bay in mind. As a community we all strive to preserve the wild habitats and species that make this area special. In preserving these places, we inspire each other and our children to consider the world around them as we work together to care for our environment and each other. After all, these habitats are our neighbors too.” - Elise Politzer



Everyday People by Kate Thompson

“Kate is an artist at Creativity Explored, the premier non-profit visual art center for adults with developmental disabilities. Her work conveys elaborate narratives and creates intriguing scenes of daily life through distinctive line drawings. Kate likes to tell stories. She likes to draw scenes where people are doing everyday things such as riding bikes and buses. These people sometimes emphasize individualized characteristics, like distinctive hairdos and ornate fashions, and sometimes they are more indistinguishable, conveying a more collective populace.”


Parks and Paths by Jason Farwell

“At its core, a neighborhood is more than just a collection of private residences. It’s a public place where people of all backgrounds can come together, talk, and be neighborly. For this reason, parks, paths, and other green spaces are fundamental to and representative of a healthy community. These places encourage people to get out of their homes, move about, and mingle with others. It’s interactions that make a community thrive." - Jason Farwell


Santa Cruz Boardwalk by Kerrie Brandau

“My artwork Giant Dipper is a painting of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and is an iconic image for anyone that lives or has grown up in the Bay Area. This painting makes people smile with warm memories of summer days in Santa Cruz. A real community icon.” - Kerrie Brandau


Talk of the Town by Danielle Dufayet

“A community is made up of individuals who communicate with one another. In my piece, Talk of the Town, the birds epitomize the connection we all share in communicating about things that matter to us where we live. Some of our thoughts and feelings may seem trivial sometimes but sharing them with one another makes us feel alive and connected to each other. It is, ultimately, our stories that bring us closer and make each one of us feel like we matter. To speak and to listen to each other is at the heart of a thriving community and neighborhood.” - Danielle Dufayet

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