Lopifit: a bike that moves forward by walking on a belt. (Video)

Categories: Mobility

It looks like a scooter but it's an electric walking bike.

Lopifit started as a small idea when Bruin Bergmeester, the founder of the Lopifit, was exercising on his cross trainer in his garage, wondering “How can I use the treadmill outdoors? Wouldn’t that be much more fun including the fact that I can enjoy nature? What about a treadmill on wheels?” Bruin worked for years to get it right, on what is now called the Lopifit. A unique product that gained worldwide attention from the moment Bruin took the electric walking bike outdoors.

The Lopifit is a totally new way of moving. With the electric assist, it takes no more effort to walk than “a walk in the park”. The electric assist, in combination with the gears, boosts your walking pace up to the speed of a regular bike. Not only good for the environment yet a fun and healthy way of exercising. The Lopifit is built from high quality components to ensure a pleasant and sustainable experience. Nevertheless, if your Lopifit is defected our team of skilled technicians will offer the best service possible.

Provided with Led lighting from front to back to secure your safety at all time. The total length of the Lopifit is 2.3 meters.

Walk four times faster. Provided with a powerful electric driven Quantum Motor wrapped in a solid frame made of steel.

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