Beautiful Handcrafted Travel Trailers With Purpose In Mind

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This is not your grandpa's Airstream. It's more like your cool hipster cousin's mobile tiny house, with a sustainable twist.

Camping doesn't always have to include a tent and sleeping on the ground (don't throw your shoes at me, fellow camping purists), so there will probably always be a need for RVs and travel trailers. But RVs and trailers haven't always been known for their style or sustainability, and if the rest of your life is full of unique and (dare I say) artisanal products, they can be almost embarrassing to park in your driveway. And as it turns out, you're not the only one who feels this way, because Homegrown Trailers is looking to blaze a new path through the travel trailer world with its handcrafted, sustainable-minded RVs.

"We are unlike any trailer company in the world, fusing a global desire for compact, environmentally conscious, and healthy living spaces for all types of people, including those who haven’t traveled in RVs before. We are passionate about helping people connect to nature and find adventure in a responsible, comfortable, and tasteful way."

Based out of Woodinville, WA, which seems to be an appropriate location for a wood-paneled trailer company, Homegrown Trailers is building its unique travel trailers for both purchase or for rent, and it's doing so with a number of green options and healthier features, including VOC-free materials, sustainably-harvested wood, renewable energy, and a composting toilet.

The company's first product is a 94 square foot teardrop trailer with a hard-sided pop-top (for increased headroom) that sleeps four people, fits into a standard residential garage, and weighs in at 2,000 lbs. "dry weight" (before passengers and gear). It's designed to be pulled by smaller vehicles, which means you don't need to own or borrow a big truck to use this little home on wheels, and it actually looks more like a tiny house inside than your average camping trailer.

The trailer includes a convertible queen size bed and two bunk beds, what looks to be a well thought out kitchen with an induction range and energy efficient appliances, LED lighting, and an integrated solar power system to charge the onboard battery. One element that really stood out to me was the inclusion of a composting toilet instead of the standard toilet (which 'flushes' into a holding tank and which must only be emptied out at an appropriate dump station), which seems to be a much greener and a much more convenient option.

Here's the video pitch for Homegrown Trailers:

The team has built a prototype and has a production space, and has now turned to Indiegogo to raise the funds for their initial fleet of trailers. Backers can pledge in amounts that will give them nightly or weekly rentals, or for the whole shebang ($25,995 to own one, delivered in 2017). For more info, see the Homegrown Trailers website or the crowdfunding campaign page.

From Homegrown Trailers / via TreeHugger

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