EarthCruiser: Expedition Campers for Extended Travel across Australia and the World

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General EarthCruiser Expedition Vehicle chassis (platform) specifactions.

EarthCruiser’s preferred base chassis are the commercially proven Fuso, Isuzu and Iveco 4x4 platforms. Specifications vary by country.  For example,  EarthCruiser is available in Australia, New Zealand, EU and South Africa with an option for a Crew Cab.

The crew cab is not available in the United States at this time.

FUSO All known FUSO FG  4x4 platforms , left or right hand drive, are suitable for EarthCruiser Expedition Vehicles.

We chose this chassis because it is one of the most widely available light truck 4x4 chassis around the world.  It is reliable, highly capable off road, and has the ability to perform for a million miles.  It is also part of the Daimler family and has access to their global service network making the Fuso an ideal vehicle for in country and global expedition travel.

General specification for EarthCruiser Expedition Vehicles using the Fuso FG 4X4 platform configurations do vary by country.

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