DIY Camper: From Rusty Van To Cosy Home In 5 Months

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Making a old empty van into your home can be daunting project if you’ve never done it before. I mean, where do you start? What do you need? How much will it cost? And how can you be a plumber, electrician and joiner all at once when you know nothing about that stuff? Do you think you can do it? Would you even give it a  try?

Looking for a home suitable for your needs might be long and hard. That’s why we suggest you try a different thing: convert a van! The project featured in the photos and respective link shows how a simple person like yourself managed to transform a rusty van to a cozy home. If the before and after picture inspires you to learn more, read more about the project.


The impressive transformation was successfully using nothing but common materials available in shops, so no specialized auto or van shops were visited in this DIY project. The final result provides the comfort of a small-size home, with quite the minimalistic design. The van-home even includes 100W solar panels installed on the roof.

Features of the converted camper van:

  • Compressor fridge/freezer (can select mode)
  • pressurised water system with 70L fresh tank
  • 200W solar charging system with approx. 190Ah lead-calcium batteries
  • 240V mains socket from pure sine inverter
  • 12V power distribution board with mains hook-up
  • LED lighting 0.8W in ceiling and ultra-bright 4W in lamp
  • studio reference speakers
  • shower and toilet
  • extendable bed – sleeps 2
  • large hammock fits multiple people, sleeps one
  • work desk area
  • hot water on demand
  • refillable LPG tank 11KG
  • gas cooker and sink
  • plenty of storage under bed. Overhead shelf fits 3 60L backpacks 

Browse the photos to get a glimpse of all the steps of this impressive transformation.


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