Couple converts a double-decker bus into a private retreat home

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The Powis' created their own holiday home after becoming fed up with cottages rejecting them because of their big dogs

Nicknamed Betsy Blue, the Cliff Richard Summer Holiday-style bus' top-deck seats have been removed to make way for bedrooms

On the lower level, all of the seats were ripped out to make room for furnishings, including a cooker, oven hob and fridge

Andrew, 43, said: ‘I’d struggle alone in a caravan, let alone with three kids and two Great Danes charging about.

‘A lot of holiday cottages are pretty dog-unfriendly too, and we always found it really tough to find somewhere that would have us.

‘So we thought “Why not build our own super-size caravan?” Although we don’t have any experience with this sort of thing, we thought we’d give it a go and it’s really worked out.

‘The kids absolutely love it. They hoped it was just for us, I think they’re a bit gutted that we keep renting it out.’ 

Andrew, 43, said he would struggle to go on holiday in a caravan, with less space for the family and lower ceilings

The Powis family found it difficult to find a suitable holiday cottage as most places would not accept their dogs, they said

Lisa-Jane, 41, said the couple's friends and other visitors are stunned when they see the converted double-decker bus

Andrew said the couple's three children 'absolutely love [the bus]' but are gutted because they keep renting it out’

Lisa-Jane, 41, said their friends and other visitors are stunned when they see the converted bus.

She said: ‘The feedback has been amazing, because there’s loads of space, little things like the hot tub and the log burner make a big impression too.

‘We didn’t have any experience with this sort of thing, but as Andrew’s a farmer he’s pretty practical so we just kind of worked it out as went along.’

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