Coctails Delivered To Your Home In A Stylish Volkswagon Bus Bar That Will Keep Coming Back With More

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One company is putting a real highlight in the cocktail experience, offering catering to your home... It's just like pizza delivery, but 1000 times better!  They make your drinks on the spot!  Experience the art of mixing cocktails and enjoy liquid creations in a relaxed atmosphere. Mades makes many mixed drinks (including alcoholic) available at their mobile bartenders on the drink menu and freshly mixed on site, for a fresh and unique taste. For the preparation of drinks, they use using only the finest ingredients, starting with vodka over gin, whiskey and other spirits up to the lemonade and even crush ice on the spot!

Though "Mades" focus of priority is on the drink, the face of the company is enhanced by some of the coolest vehicles in town!  Like this VW Bus.....

So what do you think of their business model?  I'm thinking it's quite attractive!  Here's some of their other models:

Now the bad news.... if you want their services, you'll have to be in the Essen Germany area.  Time to go for a flight and get some good drinks delivered ;)


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