CNG Minitrucks and Trikes Up To 100 Miles On $1.00 Of Fuel

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So in America, we have been just sitting here waiting for this wave of transportation to make getting around street legal as well as cheap... when vehicles like these get 60-100 miles per gallon on CNG, so at 90cents to $1.60 per gallon across the country, travel is very very inexpensive.  That said, this vehicle below doesn't go very fast.  At a whopping 25 miles per hour on electric power, and recharged by an on board generator, it's hardly meant for the freeway, but it's a great little in-town communter that's a step above a golf cart.  I think that if golf carts keep getting more and more like cars and vice versa, soon we'll find that 100 mile per gallon solution that works for the modern family. ....  But this is still pretty neat! And made to drive in the street!


green cart

yellow cart



They're also making a mean mini dump truck too! 

red dumptruck

Wholesale from China:

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