When Your Car Is Your House - a History (2 videos)

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Once the car was a familiar sight on the American roads, it did not take long for someone to create a motorhome. This photograph of a happy family in their home on wheels was published in 1909.

Source: Motor Magazine, 1909

1915 Lamsteed Kampkar – an early recreational vehicle manufactured by Anheuser-Busch. The vehicles were mounted on a Model T Ford chassis and sold for $535. This example is owned by Peter Kable in Australia.

Photo: Model T Ford Club of America (MTFCA)

Roland and Mary Conklin of Huntington, N.Y., made house-car travel a family experience. Their bus factory built the Gypsy Van, shown above, and in the summer of 1915, the Conklin family set out to see America.

Photo & caption courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution,
the Huntington Historical Society (New York),
and Home on the Road: The Motor Home in America,
a book by Roger White

A cottage on wheels, this 1920 Ford Model TT motorhome conversion has a sunroom and a back porch.

Photo courtesy Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village

1921 Ford Model T camper conversion.

Photo courtesy Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village

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