Car Dealerships Fear Tesla, Block Democracy. According To Musk, The People Will Prevail.

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You can see that Elon Musk was disturbed by this question as he responds at the shareholder meeting to the blockade against direct sales in certain states. Watch as he responds to a share holder question about the NADA blockade and it's impact on sales projections:

Musk recognizes that there is 86-99% support for its direct sales into the States, yet as he says it is the large dealerships that block this concept.  He also mentions the fantastic possibility that he hopes to support his vehicles with a non-profit model of vehicle repairs.  This means, once you buy one, maintenance costs will be minimal compared to the gluttonous aftermarket system currently known in America.  

So his standards and principles are high, but this blockade against the will of the people makes for hard times ahead.  We the people of this great nation have the keys to the success or failure of any business through the power of the pocketbook, through purchasing power through educated decisions.  Might I suggest that those 86-99% who support Musks direct sales model take their dollars away from the mega dealers that are a part of the NADA decisions, and watch how fast these kinds of changes can happen.  

Isn't it wrong for a business of such great leadership and direction to be unable to work through bureaucratic bullying to accomplish it's goal of better pricing for its customers?  The bureaucrats in this instance are not working for us.  In the comments below, those of you who love to dig, feel free to find names of companies, government offices, business owners, email addresses and numbers that are a part of this frustration, and I'll gladly add them to the story so the people can vote with their pens and their pocketbooks in the right direction. 

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