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Lacking a nearby beach, I decided to test the bike out on the salty, snowy streets instead. While I definitely wouldn’t take hefty hills or a long haul on this (or any) cruiser, it is a superb casual ride. The pedal-forward design is comfortable and perfect for tall riders or long legs. The heavy frame is sturdy enough even for big riders, but I found it comfortable even as a smaller rider. The bike’s weight and thick tires allow it to handle snow patches and icy roads with no problem. The pre-assembled parts were perfectly fitted (you have to assemble the pedals, handlebars, seat and fenders) and the quality of the welds, frame and pieces on the bike are great. Well worth the price alone, not to mention the customer service, which is, well, priceless.

If a heavy 3-speed cruiser isn’t your thing, Beach Bikes offers a great range of bikes (from Firmstrong, Beachbikes and sixthreezero), all with their super customer service and endless customization options. Dustin, the co-founder of Beach Bikes (motto: Move Free, Have Fun), is clearly enthusiastic about riding and is excited to share his passion with the world. According to him, their mission is “to create bikes that blend style and functionality, creating an experience for our riders, not just a means of transportation. We are committed to spreading the message that life doesn’t have to be serious, just enjoy the ride.”

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