At First This Looks Like A Normal Camper, But When You Open It Up, Wow!!!

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These days architecture is all about comfort and luxury without taking up too much space. We've learned how to maximize small square footage, while still getting everything we want out of a home. This mobile home is called De Markies, and is no exception to that theory. Taking this thing camping would be like a dream. When you first see it, it looks like a normal camping van. But when the sides come down...whoa! It feels spacious and is easy to change to fit your mood or situation. 

As the walls start to come down, you realize it's not your average camper. 

Here, they can park close to the water which makes fishing easy and comfortable

via Bohtlingk

Here's the floor layout

The clear cover can protect you from the elements, while still giving you a breathtaking view of the world around you

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