Alvis Stalwart 6x6 amphi: The Norwegian way to go into the water...Remember 9 tonnes

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 Driver: Jo Holdhus, from Eidsvoll-N Norway

I was inspired yesterday to research this fantastic vehicle when one showed up on Ebay.  It was bidding at $12,000, which is a terrifically cheap price for something like this.  It had a crane in the rear, and was quite fantastic!  As I was about to grab some photos and post it to the page, it was deleted from Ebay, and I couldn't find it.  So I found what it was by searching the web, and check out what a machine this is!!

When watching the video, it seems it's going to drown as it launches off the hill and into the water.....

I think this is my new bug-out vehicle of choice!!


Part boat, part truck, at 16,000 pounds, it floats like a champ!



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